Was ist die Psychologie der Privatheit?

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich mich bei der Körber-Stiftung für den diesjährigen Studienpreis beworben. Leider wurde die Arbeit nicht ausgezeichnet — was sich bei insgesamt 430 Einreichung aber auch durchaus verkraften lässt. Ein schönes Nebenprodukt des Bewerbungsprozesses ist dabei allerdings, dass ich nun eine recht ausführliche Zusammenfassung meiner Dissertation vorliegen habe. Für alle Interessierten: Im Folgenden mein Bewerbungstext ungekürzt und in Originalfassung. Continue reading →

4chan and the murder in Herne

Some weeks ago, in the German town Herne, a young person committed a horrible crime by killing an innocent child—out of pure lust and without any apparent wrongdoing on the part of the child it seemed. It became known that the young person was an active member of 4chan, a website that, next to several other threads, includes one in which atrocious and deviant acts are being openly celebrated by the community. In that thread, pictures of the murder were posted shortly after the killing. Continue reading →


Prof. Miriam Metzger, Prof. Sabine Trepte, Tobias Dienlin, Prof. Jens Vogelgesang, Prof. Nicole Krämer

I’m very glad to say that, by now, I have officially defended my thesis — hooray! It was a special day for me and, overall, just a great way to officially finish my time as a phd student.

First of all, I am very thankful for the support that I have received over the last few years by Sabine Trepte, the first advisor of my thesis. I feel very privileged that Nicole Krämer offered to be the second advisor of the thesis. I am very thankful that Jens Vogelgesang completed the committee of my dissertation. And, of course, I was especially excited that Miriam Metzger had the chance to visit us at Hohenheim during that week and could thus celebrate with us.

Thank you all!

hello again world!

Today, I have thoroughly updated this website. I have decided to implement a new and very basic design, and to get rid of all the old content (that’s to say that I wasn’t able to obtain the old content from my former webspace provider ;)). At any rate, feel free to have a look around!