Hello Vienna!

Vienna Chair, on which there are some flowers

I’m excited to share that beginning from September this year I will work at Department of Communication in the beautiful city of Vienna! I was so lucky to be offered a position as Assistant Professor for Interactive Communication, which I, of course, was more than happy to accept.

I’m especially excited because the position includes a tenure track. In other words, if I do sufficiently well, the position will be made permanent. I’m particularly happy that the tenure qualification agreement includes the following passage:

I think even if your German isn’t fluent, you might’ve understood that. And in case not, here’s what it says:

Quality before Quantity

I couldn’t agree more. I very much welcome that it’s not just about having the right publication metrics, but also taking into consideration that the work itself is good.

I’m already looking forward to working at the Department, to all the new colleagues and students, and to many new collaborations and insightful exchanges!

(And case you’re wondering why I’ve use that particular photo to illustrate the post: I found it when googling for Vienna on pexels (a great website with freely available photos). It depicts a so-called “Vienna Chair”.)

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